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UPDATE: Deborah has moved back to the east coast with her husband, Paul and has closed her practice in California. Pilates retreats by the beach may be in the future. Keep posted.

Deborah Soules, owner of NY PILATES in Brentwood has been teaching Classical Pilates since 1997. Deborah was trained at The Pilates Studio in all apparatus and Mat by Romana Kryzanowska, a protege of Joseph Pilates, along with Master teachers Sari Mejia Santo and Bob Liekens.This lineage makes her second generation to Joseph Pilates. Deborah was in private practice for 10 yrs. in New York City (The Method of Joseph Pilates) she then relocated to California (when she met her husband, Paul) and now has her private studio in Brentwood, Ca. Deborah, a graduate of Hartford Conservatory of Music is a former professional ballet dancer for most of her life before she embraced teaching Pilates. This was an easy transition  since both dance and Pilates require intense core strength. During her professionl life she has added dance, film, print, and theatre credits.



To provide a comfortable environment with in a well equipped professional  studio for clients to sweat, to moan, to smile and to realize their potential by hard but rewarding work. To feel the openess by learning to strengthen and simultaneously stretch their their bodies therefore resulting in freedom from stress, freedom from strain. To gain a true strength which resides in the deepest place of the core or "Powerhouse", abdominels, buttocks,lower back. And to ultimately stay true to the teachings of Joseph Pilates by my illustrious teachers, to all of whom I am most grateful for their amazing knowledge and their generosity of spirit to share and to pass  that knowledge on to all of us who have been gifted with that opportunity.



Gratz 86" teaching Universal Reformer, 

Gratz Wunda Chair (seen left), 

Cadillac/Trapeze Table,

 Gratz Spine Corrector, 

Jumping Board, Magic Circle, 

Gratz PediPole, 

Ladder Barrel, 

Gratz Foot Corrector, especially good for weak, tired feet. 


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Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries at deb.nypilates@gmail.com or 925-628-0541, text or call.. 

NY PILATES, Brentwood Ca

8330 Brentwood Blvd, NY PILATES @ The Carriage House, Brentwood, CA 94513, US

(925) 628-0541




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Testimonials, NY PILATES, Brentwood, CA.

California and NYC clients clients

" I have been a Pilates student with Deborah Soules of NY PILATES for over a year. Deborah has been a Pilates instructor fo over 19 yearsw and does a great job of customizing the workout to fit my needs. I have found that Pilates has really helped my golf game as I am becoming more flexible and improving my balance. I have also increased my core strength and improved my hip and pelvic stabilization which has also contributed to a more consistent swing.

My overall health and lifestyle has changed for the better since I started taking Pilates with Deborah at NY PILATES. Deborah is a fantastic instructor with a real knowledge of the Classical form as developed by Joseph Pilates and has a knowledge of anatomy  to helped me achieve my goals. She has even given me some work to do at home to keep me improving between my appointments and to take to the golf course. I believe these have helped me improve my game a good deal. Pilates works!" Steve N., Brentwood, Ca. 11/20/2015

" I took Pilates(Mat) classes at a local gym for over 3 years. Given that I am 65+ years old the classes began to put too much stress on my muscles and joints. Thankfully, I discovered Deborah Soules at NY Pilates. Deborah trains clients on the Reformer. I am amazed at the impact that both Deborah and the Reformer has had on my the shape of my body. Within less than 3 months, my posture improved, and my strength and flexibility increased  and my muscles looked leaner and longer.Deborah was the first person to focus on an often ignored part of the body---the feet. I was pleasantly surprised  when my feet and ankles gained strength and flexibility. This new awareness of the need to exercise my feet and ankles led to an improved sense of balance .

The physical changes were just a part of my experience with Deborah as  my trainer. I also noticed an increase if my self confidence. With my increased strength and flexibility cam a trust in myself that I was doing everything that I could to maximize my experience of aging well.

I highly recommend Deborah as a Pilates teacher. She is knowledgeable about the body and the Pilates Method. Deborah listens to and respects her client's goals. Her professionalism engenders trust and confidence in her ability to help you achieve your goals. Thank you, Deborah" Jo A. 2014

"I would strongly recommend Deb to anyone who is interested in Pilates and the Reformer. She has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgeable in body mechanic, stretching and Pilates. She is also very easy to work with and is cognizant of her client's abilities and ultimate fitness goals. She knows what she is doing and you will get results." Victor C. 2010

"Deborah has been working with me for a few months now and it's amazing how much stronger and better I feel in such a short time. She is an excellent trainer, now I am so so much more motivated to make my sessions with her because no matter how tired I am I always feel so much better after one of our sessions. She is awesome!!!" Donna N. 2012

"Deborah introduced me to Pilates in New York City where we worked together for 4 years. I cannot say enough good about the benefits that resulted from her work. Deborah helped me physically and mentally. She focused on my posture which needed work. In just a few sessions with Deborah, my body changed in a positive way ans I became more focused.Deborah really knows the human body and how to Editor for Time Magazine, New York, NY 2006

"For five years Deborah was my Pilates instructor and a fantastic one at that. She is smart, caring and very committed to her work in Pilates." Carol R. Formally Nation Board of Review, New York, NY 2006

"An amazing professional who will motivate you to feel so much better than ever!" Gary P. Psychotherapist, New York, NY 2006